Spring Equinox Trip to Egypt

MIKA and Mary Bontempo will take you on a journey to heal your Atlantean-Egyptian past, so you can complete your mission in these important times. MIKA is a world renowned crystal healer and teacher. Mary leads spiritual discoveries and has had a home in Egypt for many years. This is the experience you have been waiting for!

Our guide is Thoth ~ We will visit the Great Pyramid, enjoy lunch and dinner overlooking the Giza Plateau in front of the Sphinx, Solar Cross, Cairo Museum and Gardens.

Then we fly to Aswan for a 3-night, 5-star cruise down the Nile to the Temple of Isis, Botanical Gardens, and Nubian Museum.

Enjoy a Felucca Tour, as we make our way to Luxor, then convoy to the Temple of Dendera and Abydos, creating ceremony along the way at all the Temples.

We fly back to Cairo to enjoy the Sufi Dancers ritual, visit the local famous flea markets of Cairo, and see the Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities along the way. We’ll also take a camel ride, visit the Feast of Purim at the Synagogue in Maadi, and take in the Virgin Church and the Old Cairo Convent of the Virgin, where Mother Mary has been appearing.

Via private coach from Cairo to Tel El Amarna, we will also visit the home of Akhenaton and Nefertiti. Then it’s on to Saqqara, home of the Bent and Step Pyramids.

At the exact moment of the Spring Equinox (in Giza, Egypt at 1:31am on March 21st) the Sun will be in Pisces, in a Grand Cross with the Central Sun in Sagittarius, which is very near Pluto, planetoid of transformation. The Sun in Pisces will rise in the East as it is conjunct Uranus in Pisces, indicating a time of illuminating changes in our spirituality and the connection of souls through shared beliefs (from Michael at www.thepracticalmagi.com)

We will do ceremony outside the Great Pyramid, then enter into it. This will be a partial portal opening to integrate and receive the energies that you were a part of a long time ago.

This is the trip you have been waiting lifetime after lifetime for. If you are receiving the slightest spark of Light by reading this, then Yes, you are supposed to be there with us.

Tour Details

Trip Fee: $3,510 (does not include international airfare). Contact Mary Bontempo for pricing on shorter tour or group rate air from JFK to Cairo, 443-453-7060, www.marybontempo.org. $500 deposit by Jan. 15, balance due Feb. 15

Our Intinerary: Update: Due to political unrest in Egypt, this trip has been postponed until a later date

March 7 - Depart for Cairo
March 8 - Arrive Cairo/Mena House. Sunset dinner overlooking pyramids; camel ride to Solar Cross
March 9 - Pyramid Plateau in AM/fly to Aswan PM
March 10 - Felucca Tour of Aswan area
March 11 - Board Cruise Ship/cruise activities
March 14 - Arrive Luxor/St. George Sonesta Hotel/Tour Luxor
March 15 - Convoy to Abydos and Dendera
March 16 - Fly to Cairo/Sofitel Le Sphinx Hotel/Sufi Dancers (shorter tour departs at airport)
March 17 - Day trip to Tel El Amarna/Akhenaton and Nefertiti
March 18 - Day trip to Abusir and Saqqara/Bent and Step Pyramids
March 19 - Mohammed Ali Mosque, Al Azhar Gardens
March 20 - Church of the Apparitions of Mary in Giza/Purim at the Maadi Synagogue
March 21 - Pyramid Ceremony/Cairo Museum
March 22 - Depart for USA

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