Crystal and Gemstone Classes

Crystal Workshop I: Magic and Mysteries of the Crystal Kingdom

Beginning Certification - This is an empowering, hands-on workshop. It is action-packed with learning and remembering who you truly are, through the magic and dominion of the crystal kingdom.

  • Finding your Spiritual Purpose and Living your Spiritual Truth
  • Programming Crystals
  • Creating an Aura Shield
  • Procedure for Performing a Chakra Balance
  • Healing through Divine Right Use of Will with an Instantaneous Healing
  • In-depth practice in Crystal Therapy Layouts

Crystal Workshop II: Healing Gemstones and Crystal Layouts

Intermediate Certification - This workshop trains healers to provide much-needed service to humanity while empowering you to step into your mastery.

  • What are the Higher Vibreation Stones and How are they utilized in Crystal Healings
  • Combining Crystal Layouts with other Alternative Healing Therapies
  • Crystals and Gemstones associated with the Higher Chakras
  • Infusing the Auric Field with Crystals and Stones
  • In-depth, hands-on practice Laying on of Stones, using more high-powered stones and therapeutic techniques.
  • Setting a Crystal Grid for Home or Office

Crystal Workshop III: Advanced Crystal Layouts

Advanced Certification - This workshop will assist you in moving fully into your mastery, recognizing the divinity of who you truly are. The crystals and gemstones help you fulfill you life's mission here on Earth, moving you through the fifth dimensional realm to assist others in healing.

  • Work with Sacred Gemstone Guardians and the Ancient Ones to acelerate your healing abilities through the Sacred Divine
  • Expand the Auric Field with Advanced Gemstone Layouts and Infusions
  • Move through the Higher Bodies and New Color Rays and Associated Stones
  • Advanced Grid WOrk(the Power of Magic)
  • Advanced Crystal Meditations to assist humankind on Earth

Crystal Workshop Notes:

Fee for each class: $600 (cash, check, PayPal, Visa/MC accepted).

$150 deposit required for all classes.

Each class is a 5 day certification. Certification for workshops is given under the Academy for Healing Arts in Arkansas.

All classes in Hot Springs, AR include a day trip to the local quartz mines and trip to Crystal Forest to commune with nature and the elemental kingdom.

Crystal Weekend

  • Finding your Spiritual Purpose and Living your Spiritual Truth
  • Programming Crystals
  • Healing through Divine Right Use of Will with an Instantaneous Healing

Crystal Weekend Notes:

Fee: $195 (cash, check, PayPal, Visa/MC accepted).

Half deposit required.

Crystal weekend can be applied towards Beginning Certification.

Includes a day trip to the local quartz mines.

To register: (954) 309 - 0193

For neary affordable accomodations: or toll-free (866) 847-9148

Aligning Crytals with Your Light Body

Within their crystalline structure, crystals carry limitless amounts of ancient information, crucial to the development of our humanity and to ushering in the Golden Light of Being, or the new root race.

This is a master class in aligning your electromagnetic field with the crystal’s electromagnetic field. It is about becoming one with the crystal to allow its resonance to align with yours, to bring out the most in both of you.

  • Building a charge through a resonance
  • Utilizing your crystal to expand your electromagnetic field (1)
  • Guided meditations through the cosmos and into the earth’s mantle to assist in your life’s mission here at this time
  • Recognizing your potential as a Star Being, moving from an electromagnetic consciousness to a crystalline consciousness
  • Working with the master glands – the pineal (opening of your 3rd eye), the pituitary (thought receiver), the thalamus (balancing of right and left hemispheres), and the thymus (building a strong immune system that creates more white blood cells to fight infection)
  • Discussing patterns of consumption that holds and sustain our Light Bodies (2)
  • Instantaneous Healing through the Vogel Technique

    This is a full day workshop on the work and techniques of Dr. Marcel Vogel. It includes the experience regarding healing passed along to Mika, along with new techniques. This class will count towards Certification through The Academy For Healing Arts. In my 28 years of working with crystals, I have never experienced the amount of healing that is available instantaneously through this work. We become conduits of this Light and Love to be offered through the Divine. A rare DVD of Marcel Vogel doing this work will be shown in class.

    Connecting with the Galactic Timing and Christ Consciousness Grid through the Holographic Music of the Spheres

    As we prepare for the coming Galactic Timing, this workshop will assist in aligning our Birth Right to bring through the Healer/Shaman in all of us. We will work with the John of God Healing spheres as a holographic Flower of Life sphere, as we connect in encoding our chakras into the Christ Consciousness Grid. That is the Music of the Spheres. This work in part is a completion of the work my dear friend Alton Kamadon shared with me 13 years before the eclipse of 1999. In many ways it is a completion of the work he brought forth, but also the beginning of your work here on Earth.

    We will work with the Flower of Life in spherical form, creating a holographic vehicle for us to journey within our Hearts, our Bodies and the Christ Consciousness Grid that is in place around our planet at this time. We will be stabilizing and maintaining the collective consciousness in bringing Unity into this World, as we start to live as One—One Mind, One Heart, One Love. This, my friends, is a very powerful workshop. I am devoting to the rest of 2012 to installing these New Grids into the Earth Plane. If you feel guided, please join me in this work. You know who you are and what you are being called to do. See you there. Blessings, Mika

    Magnified Healing

    Come learn a fantastic Fifth Dimensional tool for self healing, healing others, and healing our world.

    Are you on your path of Ascension? Are you willing to prepare yourself, others and the Earth in ushering in the higher vibrations of pure Love, Light and Freedom? If so then Magnified Healing is you.

    The Magnified Healing teachings are a great opportunity to learn a healing modality that was introduced to the Earth in 1983. Previously, this healing method was used only in the higher dimensions by the Ascended Masters to assist themselves, the Masters on Earth, and Mankind under a special Divine Dispensation. In 1992, under the direct intervention and inspiration of Lady Master Kwan Yin, Magnified Healing was brought forth into its expanded form for the advancement of Humanity and the Earth.

    Magnifed Healing establishes a constant flow of energy from the Heart to the Source, the All That Is, the Infinite Mind, down to the Diamond at the Center of the Earth. The link spirals and brings a deep state of grace pulsing forth from the Hierarchy, layingt the very foundation for the Ascension Process.

    Kwan Yin is an Ascended Lady Master and member of the Great White Brotherhood of this planet, known to many as the Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. She is also known as Cannon (in Korea and Vietnam). Quan Yin, and Tara (in Tibet and India). She is a member of the Karmic Board, which functions much like the "Supreme Court" for the inner Government of this planet. In 1986, she was asked to anchor the Divine Feminine Aspect of the Buddha. Her flower and electronic pattern are the five-petal Lotus, the divine pattern of the I AM PRESENCE


    • MEDITATION FOR EMPOWERMENT: Acknowledgement of the Three-Fold Flame and Higher Self
    • PREPARATION: Alignment of Spiritual Centers, Clearing of the Light Channel, Unification of Chakras into One, Increase the Energy in the Hands
    • HEAL OTHERS AND YOURSELF: Sensitize, Awaken, Rewire and Connect the Nervous System, Scan/Heal the Body and Stimulate Calcium on the Spine Absent Healing, Healing of the Earth, Healing of Karma Preparation for Ascension
    • Healing through Divine Right Use of Will with an Instantaneous Healing

    Magnified Healing Notes:

    Investment: $225 (cash, check, PayPal, Visa/MC accepted).

    Includes Manuel, practice CD, Flower Essences, Certification as Master Teacher of Magnified Healing of the God Most High of the Universe

    To register: (954) 309 - 0193

    Creating Crystal Magic through Personal Empowerment & Exploring the Art of Manifestation

    As we enter into our new Dimensional Bodies, with higher frequencies and vibrations of Love and Spirituality--and as we move into Ascension--we are asking ourselves: What is our Higher Purpose for being here on Earth at this time? The path to an answer is through our Higher Self and our own personal empowerment. Although some still rely on the assistance of information channeled through others, which is fine, others of us are now choosing to Step into our Mastery. We know we must ask and answer our own questions through Source and through all of the Ascended Masters who are waiting for us to ask. We thank all of those who have assisted us over the years in bringing through Channeled Messages from beyond. Now we embrace the answers and guidance that comes more through us.

    In these upcoming workshops and John of God Tours, I am being guided to assist Self Masters in stepping up--step up to who you are; step up so your Light will shine as brightly as the stars you view in the heavens; step up to help others heed their call through Ascension.

    • Build relationships with crystals. It is easy to establish a personal relationship with Crystals. All that is required is desire and intent. We will create our day through conscious intentional thought directed by prayer to bring manifestation of our heart's desire into reality. Learn the technique of crystal scrying and how crystals assist us in our own self-mastery.
    • Work with and program the John of God Crystals. Some may already be familiar with John of God and the entities that work through him. The John of God Crystals are from the local Brazilian mines, some of them owned by the Medium. The Crystals are especially chosen and blessed by the Entities that work through the medium. We will work with the healing frequency in these crystals through a Sacred Meditation.
    • Find your Spiritual Purpose and Live in the Moment of your Own Spiritual Truth. As we enter into our new Dimensional Bodies, we are asking ourselves what is our Higher Purpose here on Earth? Utilizing a John of God crystal, we call on our Higher Self for our Highest Good for the expansion of our consciousness and healing, for finding our Spiritual Truth.

    Class notes and registration info:

    Investment: $77 (cash, check, PayPal, Visa/MC accepted).

    • Hot Springs, AR. Included: crystal digging at the local crystal mines. Class fee + mining dig $95. Contact or 954-309-0193

    Healing Through the Divine and Creating Crystal Grids Workshop

    Through the Divine, we become conduits of energy, either through a quartz crystal or through our Sacred Divine hands. You can assist others in healing themselves. This is the ultimate recognition of walking in your mastery to serve mankind. Learn a condensed version of a Vogel Crystal technique, with advanced healing techniques not taught before.

    Workshop Essentials ~

    Building grids through the Elemental kingdom

    Many of us have always known that crystals and the elemental kingdom (including the Devic kingdom) can have an important, integral role in the development of mankind, in maintaining Mother Earth’s requirements for balance, and in restoring and renewing the health of both underground and surface waters. Learn to create a crystal grid in a defined space, with the specific intent to amplify Mother Earth’s healing power to create balance again.

    Healing Your Atlantean and Egyptian Past with Crystals

    These workshops will explore our Ascension process—utilizing healing Crystals to clear remnants of the Atlantean karma we have come back here to heal through the process of Christ Consciousness, or complete unity of thought and feeling.

    Through many years of healing with Crystals, I have focused to a large degree on healing in the present. Our world appears in turmoil as it goes through its passage of Ascension: this is Earth, letting go of the energy that no longer serves her or her inhabitants. Many of us have come back to do the same. You have heard the stories of Atlantis: the good, the bad and its destruction. We are here again at the same crossroads, making decisions that will affect our future as well as our world.

    Since I began living near the crystal mines in Arkansas, I have been guided towards my Atlantean heritage. I have delved into my past to explore how Atlantis can serve me now, and to learn how to heal from the past in order to secure my future. I was guided to create this series of experiential workshops that are focused on group healings (though there will be personal healings that come through them). The work is based on unity of Christ Consciousness: complete unity of thought with feeling, or the state in which thought and action are the same. It is the complete awareness of all life expressions—past, present and future. This is the place where we are working to be in unity with each other.

    In part of this workshop, we will re-explore Egypt through Atlantis. Immediately preceding the downfall of Atlantis’ last period on Earth, some of us worked to gather the energy information that was vital for humanity’s existence in the future, and to bring it to Egypt for safe keeping. It is time to retrieve and reclaim that information that will assist now for our future.

    This Workshop will explore ~

    • Creating a Sacred Space for you to do your work
    • Choosing and Programming your Crystal to set the stage, and calling in the Divine to assist you with this healing
    • Going back to your place in time through a deep, guided meditation to create a state of healing
    • Allowing yourself to explore remnants of your karma in need of healing, asking for help to understand what happened, and how you are still being affected to this day
    • Choosing to release what no longer is serving you and asking for forgiveness for self and others
    • Creating a new thought pattern and feeling that will serve you now in this lifetime
    • Maintaining a plan to allow the new thought pattern and feeling to serve you

    The work will be done in segments, to fully align and allow the Consciousness to program itself for healing. We will explore new and different ways of working with quartz crystals.

    Many of us are well aware of some or most of our past lives; however, some are not, which is fine. The basis of the work is deep healing of the root cause we have brought into our lives at this time to heal. With this healing we may move into our Light Bodies through Ascension with grace and ease.

    For many, Atlantis is our heritage. It is where we developed our souls, lifetime after lifetime. As we enter the new passage of time to Spiritual Love, we know that for the Consciousness, there is no going back – only forward. Please join us for this special experience!

    Class size and private healing times are limited. Thank you for registering early.

    Crystalline Awareness through Healing


    The work will include:

    1. Creating the Sacred Space for chosing & programing your Crystal to set the stage to connect with Spirit thru The Highest Level of the God Most High
    2. Opening ourselves up to change, letting go of what is no longer serving us while asking for Forgiveness for Self & Others thru a Crystal Guided meditation
    3. Creating a New Crystalline Awareness to serve you as we move more fully into our LIghtbodies with new found abilities as Lightworkers in Fullfilling our Divine Plan as we align with the Cosmic configurations of our Celestial Awakenings at Hand. This will be a Group Healing at it Highest Level.

    Class size and private healing times are limited. Thank you for registering early.

    Sacred Grid Building with Mika

    Sacred Crystal grids are object-prayers that send crystalline frequencies through time and space on a wave of intention.

    The work will include:

    1. Building personal crystal grids for relationships for your home, office, altar. & land.
    2. Crystal grids for moving, or bringing more Light to your area.
    3. Crystal grids to ward off negative energy's from geo pathic stress, power lines, or just plain old negatives energy's who hang around your house or land.
    4. Crystal grids to anchor in the Christ consciousness grid around the planet , which is what the ascension 2012 is all about.
    5. There will be Sacred Crystals for sale and for use in the workshop.
    6. Treat yourself to this afternoon of creating, making change and manifesting your Heart's Desires.

    Class size and private healing times are limited. Thank you for registering early.

    The Call to Light Workers

    Opening to Spiritual Healing through the Crystal Kingdom.

    Spiritual healers believe the only way for someone to achieve integral healing is by activating a person's Soul that allows spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical processes to unfold, thereby allowing their Healing to begin.

    Crystals can be viable tools in assisting us as Healers. We are through the threshold and beyond the door where Miraculous Healings can and will take place. We heal through the Love and Compassion for Mankin.This class is a must for those who are called in service, working through the Light

    The work will include:

    1. Opening yourself to Higher Degrees of Light
    2. Stepping out of the way to allow spirit to work through you
    3. Building personal relationships with Divine Entities and calling upon them for assistance in Healing
    4. Activating Crystals through the Divine, to amplify the Illumination of Light that can assist in bringing about instantaneous and miraculous healing
    5. Working with different Crystals and Minerals for specific uses in Healing
    6. Understanding why illness develops
    7. How stuffed emotions can affect a person and create unbalance through sickness.
    8. Looking deep into a Soul level of Being to determine problems thru your senses
    9. Bringing the Body, Mind and Spirit back into Balance
    10. Learning to reconnect to your highest level of being: The illusion of pain and suffering is the illusion of feeling separateness and fear
    11. Spiritual Obsessions—what they are and what they are not
    12. Creating Healing Grids for your healing space utilizing crystals in assisting you while offering healings

    Class size and private healing times are limited. Thank you for registering early.

    Mediumship Through the Crystal Kingdom

    A Medium is a person used as a Spiritual Intermediary between the Physical and Non-Physical Incarnations , Mediumship offers the ability of physical man to communicate with soul consciousness or spirit in other non-physical dimensions to access the knowledge and forces to assist mankind and all kingdoms through the spheres of one's reality, especially to assist in Healing, The Crystal Kingdom offers assistance to expand those sphere's of one's connection through their Higher Self and beyond to bring through Channeled information in helping a Soul to Heal itself.

    There are many forms of Mediumship that we will explore along with a creating a Portal for us to exhibit, understand and demonstrate our connection to the Spirit World and the Crystal Kingdom as Crystals are gods perfect creation as they lend themselves in assisting Mankind.

    The afternoon workshop will include:

    1. What is Mediumship
    2. Beliefs of Mediumship
    3. Major Forms of Mediumship how their classified and explained
    4. Healing and assisting through Mediumship
    5. Recognizing our Crystalline Body's as well as our Electromagnetic body as a tensor as our gravitational force begins to change to become balanced with the change's of our Earths' gravitational change to create balance.
    6. Learn Meditative techniques which will employ the use of visualization in allowing one to utilize natural right-hemispheric abilities to link more directly with Healing Crystals.
    7. Creating a space through a meditative educed state with a Selected Blessed Crystal to either open ourselves up to Mediumship or strengthening our amplification of it and evolve our consciousness to Higher frequency levels of awareness in assisting ourselves and others as we evolve in Being of Service.

    Channeling Your Higher Self Through the Crystal Kingdom

    Channeling is a natural way to be in alignment with our purpose on earth, It is how we connect and get to know Spirit. This afternoon workshop will focus on setting the stage for you to invoke who your are through your Higher Self as we assist each other with what can come through helping each other. We do it through Love, and Yes, we can do it through the Crystal Kingdom. Allow the Magic of Meditation to bring through you from your Higher self and the Crystal Kingdom that which adds to your Wisdom of who you are and why you have returned in knowing your everyday life is about to take a great leap of Faith.

    Workshop 12-5pm. Investment $95.

    Working the Crystal Skulls. The Spheres and the Mystic Healers

    Much has been written around the Crystal Skulls from the past, They are witnesses, they are record keepers, they are here to assist and remind us of utilizing their light with our own healing work.

    This workshop will focus on how we can utilize our skulls for our Futures as we create it on a daily basis, along the the Sacred geometric pattern of the Spheres. The Spheres are for Scrying and for creating Holographic portals in which to send energy through, Recognizing the Mystic Healers. The Mystics represent ancient knowledge that has been handed down through their experiences in Mu, Lemuria and Atlantis. A hands on workshop to say the least. Many have talked about the Crystal Skulls and Sacred Spheres, we teach you how to work with them. This afternoon workshop will focus on different meditations for you to become more familiar again the Skulls, The Spheres and yes the Mystic Healers

    Workshop 12-5pm. Investment $95.

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