About Mika

Mika is recognized worldwide for his excellence in teaching on crystals, energy healing and Magnified Healing. Called "a teacher's teacher and a healer's healer" by many, Mika is a trained Crystal Keeper and Guardian, a Traditional Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master, Master Teacher of Magnified Healing and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Mika's teaching ministry includes structured classes in crystal and gemstone therapy. He was a teacher with Katrina Raphaell's Crystal Academy in Kauai and now certifies students under his own school, The Academy for Healing Arts. He also studied with Lazaris and has extensive experience with Marcel Vogel techniques. Mika lectures on crystals and healing at the United Nations in NYC.

Mika's healing work derives from over 20 years of personal growth and commitment to walking his spiritual path. From early on, Mika's desire to assist in service has led him on his spiritual quest for understanding and raising higher consciousness, so that he can assist others in raising their own vibration, now combining Divine Right use of Will in an instantaneous healing, as they in turn assist others towards their goals and destinies.

Message from Mika

Greetings Everyone and a Happy New Year to all of my friends, As I sit in my little retreat amongst the Crystals in Hot Springs I am guided to share what has come for me. As 2011 begins to unfold, and I am gearing up for the NEW Crystal Healing Tours. We look at all of the challenges we face for humanity and Mother Earth. "Big Momma" as she is affectionately known to me is sharing with us all us the Big changes down the road, we are asked to look to our hearts for the love we will need to muster up for ourselves and others we are reminded, "what ever does not come from love is fear"

We are still looking at a bleak economy to say the least, new wars around "old stuff" that is being cleared as we speak. We are asked to Hold Tight, buckle your seat belts and YES enjoy the ride. Those of you who have become guardians and caretakers of your beloved friends of the Crystal Kingdom are asked to go to your crystals and connect with the Diamond at the Center of the Earth, "Big Momma" and connect to her energies there, allow whatever is going to unfold to happen without your needing to be a part of it. "Become only the observer of it" and stand in your power of whom you are and all you have done to be in the place your in. Allow your strength to assist others as the collective energies from the past of Old Hurts, Victim hood ,Martyr and yes Control, to dissipate and clear. Remain steadfast and know through your Faith and Trust in the Divine and "The God Most High" has your Higher Self and Good in it's Keeping.

There are still some who rely on the assistance of channeled information through others, and that is fine. But for those of us who are choosing now to Step into our Mastery, we must ask and answer our own questions through Source, and through all of the Ascended Masters who are waiting for us to ask. We thank all of those for assisting us over the years in bringing through Channeled Messages from beyond. And now, our answers and guidance must come more through us.

I am being guided in these upcoming workshops and trips to assist those Self Masters in stepping up. Step up to who you are. Step up so your Light will shine as brightly as the stars you view in the heavens, in helping others heed their call through Ascension.

Part of the Work I am bringing to these classes along the Joy of working with Crystals is to assist in the Empowerment for myself and others so we come out the other side of this Ascension time full of Hope and Joy and to Manifest our New Beginnings to Our New World of Light through Love, as we remain in gratitude, LOOK FOR MY NEW MASTER WORKSHOPS IN HOT SPRINGS, SUMMER SESSION

In Light through Love, Mika

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