About the Academy for Healing Arts

The Academy for Healing Arts was established in 1996 to assist those on their path through self-realization and the remembering of Healing Modalities they most likely worked with before, such as Working with Crystals and Mastering the art of Magnified Healing for our Ascension, meaning, the return of the physical body to its original light-body form.

The Divine Plan for Man is that he become a Master of Energy and Substance, realizing that all energy used in thought, feeling, spoken word and action must be maintained in the pure state in which is was brought forth through the Heart of God. We are all here to reach Christ Consciousness which is complete unity of thought with feeling, and we are also here to learn as much as we can around LOVE, So while your here, work to create as much Happiness and Love as you can, and "May the Holy Christ Consciousness within each heart attest to the Truth herein revealed and thereby hasten each sojourner's return Home".

Quartz Crystal from Arkansas

What makes Arkansas quartz so special?

Quartz crystal from Arkansas is one of the three main veins in the world (the others being Brazil and Madagascar).

Arkansas is becoming an emerging crystal portal. To be precise, Arkansas lies in a vortex of a stargate crystal portal. This portal forming over Arkansas is a function of the light grid: it charges energy invward from higher dimensions into the earth plane. The portal feeds coded light energy into the awakened crystals, and the crystals will in turn outflow the energy to be distributed by the vortex energy.

Arkansas quartz is known for its particularluy fast vibration, which can be seen in the sparkle and light they hold.

Anyone working with these crystals raises their vibration by just holding them and meditating with them

Crystals have the ability to balance and harmonize resonance. They gather, hold and release energy. They amplify, direct, project, generate and sustain energy. Crystals are tools of manifestation and empowerment. They are an elegant, majestic and magical way to awaken and merge crystal consciousness with your consciousness and to build a resonance with crystals.

Crystals balance and harmonize your energy into your world, according to your desire to amplify, transmit, transform and transcend.

-In light through love, Mika

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